Tricks to find a good hair stylist

Searching for a gent’s hair stylist was a difficult task previously because it was not a trend to look for them and gents often go for selecting a hair style from the option of 2 to 3 hair styles. Now with the increase knowledge of fashion and the urge to look good and presentable force them to go for new hair styles every other month. It will change the look of a person and some styles will make you look younger than your actual age that’s why now people love to experiment in this. To get a new hair style you can go to hair salon in Dubai marina and they will never disappoint you. To select the best stylist you need to follow these tricks:

Portfolio: You have to see portfolio of a hair stylist and if a stylist do not have on then it means he is not interested in growing his business. Now is the time of technology and everyone know how to get information from internet so a good stylist should post his portfolio related to his previous work on different mediums so that people will know about his skills. You have to take a look at the portfolio and if you think that a particular person can cut your hair according to your wish then you can go to them.

Amount: You also need to see that what the amount which a stylist is charging. Only few stylists will post the prices along with their portfolio because they often decide the amount after examining your hair structure, length and thickness. To know about the price you need to visit their salon and ask about it. You should explain the style which you need and then ask them whether they can give you the exact same look or not and what they will charge for that. If you think that they are charging a reasonable amount then you can get your style from them.

Tips: Good hair stylist in gents’ salon TECOM always prefer to give you tips about styles that suits you and which make you look weird so you should hear them and take their advice seriously. If you go there with a particular style and they say it won’t suit you then consider a little variation in your style to become more good looking.

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