Armored Cars And Security – A Combination You Can Trust

It is true that armored cars are becoming more and more popular these days this was not the case two decades ago. In fact, the credentials of an armored car are pretty solid and will make you think about having one. From cash in transit vehicle manufactures to commercial armored car makers, they are all competing in the same segment. Armored cars can be a little expensive which is why you need to have a decent amount of cash in hand to be able to buy one of these cars. So, where did these cars come from and where the original concept originated? Both these questions can be answered but you can also search for more information online. The first use of armored cars was witnessed during the first world war. These armored cars were meant to provide extra protection to soldiers advancing in the battlefield. Of course, the heavy shelling and firing, not to mention the explosives would all wreak havoc over advancing columns of soldiers. Marching columns were always exposed to the ground fire so the need to find a solution that could offer decent protection to the soldiers was sought.

In fact, improved models of armored cars and personnel carriers also included decent firepower of their own. Classified as armored infantry fighting vehicles, these cars offered a decent level of protection. Improvement in technology made room for better and more lethal models that were seen in modern battles. Fast forward the time to the 2000s and we know that armored cars are no more meant for the military. Today, an ordinary person can afford a cutting edge armored car provided he has enough money. These cars are now available commercially so finding one in the market is not at all difficult. Here is more on armored cars and why you need to buy one:

Protection And Comfort

So far you’ve only paid attention at the protection it provides but have you considered the level of comfort these cars offer? in case you didn’t, know that the extra flexible suspension has to with it. The heavy duty suspension is designed to take the load of the extra heavy car without compromising on the quality of the ride. The runflat tires also provide extra comfort to those riding in the car.

You can try this out by buying your own armored car and see how much comfort it offers. Chances are that you will likely note the difference the moment you sit inside the cabin.

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