What is E-commerce?

E-commerce is result of the digitalization of the modern world. In this article we will explain in detail as to what E-commerce exactly is. Basically, e-commerce is any sort of business activity that happens through the medium of the internet. It is in great use these days that is the reason behind the fact that you can see a number of e-commerce companies in Dubai. Any sort of purchase or trade that happens over the internet falls under the category of e-commerce. This idea is not only restricted to physical products only but it has a much wider span. E-commerce also includes the sell or purchase of any sort of services.

In fact if you look at it, it is a great way to grow your business since everything these days is digitalized. Web design agency Dubai also falls under the category of e-commerce. This phrase that is the e-commerce is a very vast concept and people usually are left confused about what e-commerce actually is. It is so vast that it can be used by the biggest of businesses to the people who are freelancing on a very small basis, this is the beauty of it because it is for everyone. But the exact application is still confusing to people. So to make things even more clear for you, we have included a bunch of common examples in this very article so that you can get an idea as to what exactly e-commerce is and what are the numerous applications of this very idea.

Sector of retail

You can literally make purchases over the internet. This is also implies both ways. You can also sell your products or services directly to the customers without the interference of any third party in between.

Digital products

Another fruitful impact of e-commerce is that you can get your hands on a number of digital products as well, which gets a bit difficult in the physical market as compared to the online market. You can purchase e-books, software, apps, courses and other such things online.


A lot of freelancers sell their services online like writing, Photoshop, editing, marketing and teaching.

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