Fingerprint attendance systems – advantages and disadvantages

Biometric attendance systems are based on the theory of biometric attendance. The theory is that there are fingerprints that match exactly to identify each person and that the presence of these fingerprints provides a unique measure of each person’s time and attendance. This system works on the premise that each individual has a unique fingerprint that is unique to them and that this fingerprint matches exactly to their fingerprint recorded in the attendance system. Fingerprint attendance system consists of a scanner, finger print reader, and other devices that can read these fingerprints. These fingerprints are then matched with a database of fingerprints that are stored in the system, so that individuals can be verified right at the time of their attendance.

There are many advantages to using fingerprint attendance system that you can get from any good door access control system suppliers in Dubai. One advantage is that it eliminates the need for employers to administer checks by hand. By using biometric machines, companies can eliminate the cost of employing a large number of employees to perform these checks. Using biometric machines also makes it easier for employers to track their employees’ whereabouts, allowing them to make changes to their work schedules without having to get in touch with a large number of employees, or provide physical access to every workplace. Using biometric machines, companies can save money. This is because there is no more need to hire an army of employees to perform checks and to buy equipment such as computers to track their employees’ whereabouts.

Another advantage is that it does not matter what kind of image is captured on the fingerprint. An image capture device might be necessary for some businesses but it might not be necessary for others. An image capture system allows for face recognition. In other words, if an employee walks past a machine which may be capable of capturing their image, the machine will identify the face and then store the image for processing. A fingerprint attendance system does not allow for face recognition. It only identifies fingerprints that are taken at random.

Most of today’s time registration systems use biometric technology. Although it is almost impossible to eliminate all fraud from the system, biometric systems have proven to reduce the chances of fraud significantly. Fingerprint time attendance systems are also very reliable because the technology is impenetrable. In order to gain access into a workplace, employees must show their fingerprint in order to gain admittance.

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