Foods you must eat for healthy teeth

You cannot go without eating food, so why not eat something that is delicious and promotes oral health as well. Teeth whitening might be an option, but food is irresistible and if they are good for your teeth, the charm is done!

Below we have got a list of all the food which you can eat, that are actually yummy as well as beneficial for your teeth. Look at this now and find eat your way through teeth problems.


Tea is a universal solution for all the problems, health or any other! The good it does to your teeth will make you fall in love with it even more. Polyphenol is a compound that is found in both black and green tea. This compound has natural tendency to inhibit the growth of bacterial cavities in your teeth. According to research, those who took black tea had less buildup of plaque on their teeth. Tea stops bacteria from clumping together and eating away at your teeth.

Let’s get cheesy

There would absolutely be no person in this entire world who would say no to cheese! Now that it is good for your teeth, you have got more excuses to eat it. Say bye to your diet because you have to protect your teeth here, that’s serious! Cheese lowers the acidic level in your mouth which means the plaque has no place to stay in your mouth.


Cranberries too have polyphenol, this means it has antibacterial properties. They are very juicy and tasty. However, if the canned ones have sugar added in them, then its better to reduce their use.

Food that have vitamins

Foods that are rich in vitamins, such as vegetables, fruits, lentils, have enamel strengthening properties. With stronger tooth enamel, you get strong teeth.

Sugarless gum

Sugarless gum helps in the formation of saliva. Saliva helps in bringing down the acidic level in your mouth. Make sure the gum is sugarless; otherwise, the effect would reverse.


Milk is good for the bones and teeth. It has healing properties. It shields you from bacteria and makes your immune system strong.

These foods will help you in keeping your teeth healthy and stronger. They are tasty, mouthwatering, and now they have the added advantage of protecting you from going to the doctor.

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