A few things for you to consider before getting teeth whitening done

Trying out different teeth whitening methods is pretty much safe, but the fact is that not everyone has the same teeth. For this reason, one can never guess how a certain tooth whitening method would react. This is why it is best to consult with your dentist before trying out a method. It might be a little inconvenient for you to visit the doctor, but rest-assured that this one-time visit can make it easier for you to get home teeth whitening kits and get done with it yourself. But remember, teeth whitening must never be carried out on children below the age of sixteen, pregnant women and those that are lactating.

A few of the basic risks that should be considered before teeth whitening are:

Tooth Sensitivity Might Increase
This is quite frequently the case when you get hollywood smile dental clinic dubai , considering that the bleaching agents that they use are far more concentrated than the ones in home bleaching kits. The bleaching agents used in a dentist’s office are more concentrated for quick results, but the ones in home treatment methods are watered down for safety purposes. A few of the risks that are commonly associated with teeth whitening are sensitivity to pressure, touch and temperature. Those with sensitive teeth are also recommended to use toothpastes that have potassium nitrate. However, the utilization of specialty toothpastes is not really needed as the sensitivity is usually gone in two days’ time. Shooting pains are a common problem amongst people with faulty tooth restoration, recessed gums and cracked teeth.

Irritation in the Teeth
The main constituents of bleaching agents used by dentists in Dubai are peroxides. When these come in contact with the soft tissues of our mouth, a tingling sensation takes place which is very irritating. Even the taste of peroxides is very annoying, but bearable. However, the irritation or the tingling sensation of the soft tissues can last quite a few days.

Uneven Coloration of the Teeth
It is necessary for you to remember that teeth whitening and the agents used by pediatric dentist dubai for that purpose can only impact the color of the teeth and has no effect on the veneers, crowns and restorations. So, if you have had tooth repairs done, their color would not change and only your teeth would become whiter, thereby leading to uneven coloration.

Most interestingly, unlikely many cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening is fairly affordable and can cost anywhere between $100 to $400. The end result of this treatment is so good that it is actually worth taking the risks discussed above.

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